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Development Manager of Atlas Copco visited EPSEA
Publisher:admin Release time:2018-07-06 10:23:19

On June 19th, Mr. Erik Carlius, Atlas Copco's business development manager for Asia Pacific, accompanied by Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang, manager of Lingge Wind, went to EPSEA to visit and exchange. Accompanied by Mr. Lin Peiquan, General Manager of EPSEA, have visited the compressed air dryer manufacturing plant and the air compressor filter manufacturing plant.

During the visit, Mr. Erik Carlius and Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang paid special attention to the Epsys adsorption dryer module, a new generation of ultra-cold environmental protection freeze dryer, high-precision filter, filter and other three filter products, the company responsible person The detailed introduction of the production process and inspection process of each step in the process from raw materials to semi-finished products and finished products.

Mr. Erik Carlius and Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang affirmed the strength of the Epsea plant and praisedE' equipment and R&D investment, indicating that Ips' equipment investment is at the leading level in the industry. It also discussed the product characteristics, marketing and other issues, and also gave many valuable suggestions.

Atlas is the world's leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, with a global leadership in compressors, expanders and air handling systems, power tools and assembly systems. Ips also hopes to improve the field of compressed air purification through deeper communication with Mr. Erik Carlius and Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang, and provide better system products and technical services to any industry that needs to use safe and reliable compressed air.

In the end, Mr. Lin Peiquan, General Manager of Epsilon, and Epps, the company’s senior representative, expressed sincere thanks to Mr. Erik Carlius and Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang for their visits and exchanges.

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